FAQs About Psiphon

What is Psiphon?

Psiphon is a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service that redirects users’ IP address to a different IP address when it reaches its end point.

How to download Psiphon?

To download Psiphon, you can click here for the direct link as well as the tutorial for the download and installation

How to stop Psiphon from disconnecting?

This is most commonly caused by an irresponsible or inconsistent Internet connection to your device or computer. On a phone, this can mean losing reception. On a computer, this can mean inconsistent Wi-Fi or an unreliable Internet Service Provide

Can my ISP see what I’m doing on the Internet while I’m using Psiphon?

All data that goes through Psiphon is encrypted. This means that your ISP cannot see the content of your Internet traffic: web pages you browse, your chat messages, your uploads, etc.

Why do I see the message “connection failed” repeating over and over?

If you see repeated “connection failed” messages, it means that there are no available servers that your client knows about. Try to download a new Psiphon client.